Medical Balance was founded in 2011 as a result of Dr Marco Ramos’ commitment to diagnosing and treating renal disorders together with his commitment to guiding patients through the process of hospitalization. Medical Balance, offers medical expertise to patients and hospitals seeking the assistance of a physician who can help with slowing the progression of kidney disease while improving patients’ quality of life. Medical Balance also offers a variety of other services to patients, hospitals and industries that require the expert consultations. Along with treating patients in the hospital (Hospital Medicine inpatient services and Nephrology consultations), other services include Second Opinions, Doctor-Patient advocate services, corporate consultations and medically relevant presentations for educational purposes.

By offering such diversity in his services, Dr. Ramos hopes to reach his full potential as a physician by serving society in as many ways as possible. As a physician, he shows immense dedication to his patients and to his practice, by offering top-notch healthcare; and as an educator and medical professional, he fully commits himself to sharing his knowledge, so that others may learn from him.